Definition of taphonomic in English:



  • See taphonomy

    • ‘All told, Europe boasts a richer Paleogene avifauna in terms of number and taphonomic variety of fossil localities and diversity of avian taxa compared with other continents.’
    • ‘Because of their great dominance and the relatively small sample area, meaningful taphonomic patterns could be discerned for only the Cordaites remains.’
    • ‘Meaningful interpretation of the fossil record thus requires the identification of contributing taphonomic pathways and their differential distribution in both time and space.’
    • ‘Thus, any taphonomic bias that affects graptolite preservation in the lower Hirnantian applies to all study areas being considered here.’
    • ‘To accomplish these, however, a more thorough paleontological investigation of each taphonomic facies is necessary.’