Definition of taper pin in English:

taper pin


  • A short round metal rod having a small degree of taper which enables it to act as a stop or wedge when driven into a hole.

    • ‘The next morning, as we checked the installation again, all the nuts and the threaded portion of the taper pins were on the floor - the plating shop had neglected to bake the bolts to prevent the nitrogen embrittlement caused by the cadmium plating.’
    • ‘Using the 1/4" taper pin, line up the holes at the front of the trigger guard with those of the extractor and action body.’
    • ‘The components will be taken out one final time so that various holes holding taper pins and bolts can be opened properly on the Texas Airplane Factory's Bridgeports then painted and permanently installed.’
    • ‘The torque tube balance arm, attached to the outboard end of the tube by two taper pins, contained a bearing that slipped over a pin to the empennage boom.’
    • ‘Newly ground taper pins were fitted then removed for cadmium plating.’