Definition of tapenade in English:



mass noun
  • A Provençal savoury paste or dip, made from black olives, capers, and anchovies.

    • ‘His cod is must be among the best in Scotland, large translucent flakes, topped perhaps with a herb crust, a dollop of aioli and black olive tapenade.’
    • ‘Monday might be Lebanese roast lamb, seared cod steaks with tapenade, roasted pepper lasagne, baby potatoes with rocket and lime polenta cake.’
    • ‘By the description on the menu I suspected that the smoked salmon dish on offer was something more complicated so I plumped for a plate of salmon, vegetable eggplant, caviar and olive tapenade.’
    • ‘I am making a big pot of potato soup for dinner with some of my mega fattening quadruple cheese bread with olive tapenade.’
    • ‘But in its raw state (in salad dressings, pesto, tapenade or dressing pasta, for example), only the best extra-virgin oil you can afford will do.’
    • ‘Black tapenade encircling the bass provides just the right saltiness.’
    • ‘Hummus, tapenade and pesto with breads were available for €4.50, along with a selection of cured Spanish hams for €10 and salads for €5.’
    • ‘This salad of roasted eggplant, tomatoes and raisins is spiced with cumin and comes with a goat cheese fondant and black olive tapenade.’
    • ‘Everything from swordfish and olive tapenade to smoked duck and apricot salad is available in starter or main course sizes.’
    • ‘On each slice, spread a layer of tapenade, lay strips of ham on top, then three slices of cheese and three pieces of sun-dried tomatoes.’
    • ‘If you're a fan of both olives AND olive oil, a tapenade is a perfect recipe for you.’
    • ‘Likewise, the complimentary bread, delivered along with little pots of olive and tomato tapenade, were difficult to stop nibbling on once we had discovered how moreish these most savoury and salty of spreads actually were.’
    • ‘Enhance a vinaigrette with purchased tapenade and toss it with peppery greens for a flavorful salad that pairs well with the pasta.’
    • ‘Later in the evening, we had a couple of homemade pizzas, one with spinach, feta and tomato, and the other with olive tapenade.’
    • ‘Hummus goes well with falafel or meat, and the tapenade and pesto will go well in Mediterranean meals.’
    • ‘You could of course buy a jar of this delicious olive paste, but home-made tapenade can be done in a flash in a food processor.’
    • ‘Recently I ordered a warm goat's cheese salad in an Edinburgh restaurant and was served a filo pastry parcel of goat's cheese with a delicious smear of tapenade, all perched on a walnut oil-dressed salad.’
    • ‘Divide mixture among four soup bowls, place one portion of fish in each bowl and garnish with tapenade and fennel fronds.’
    • ‘The first was an otherwise harmonious main course of rump of lamb with couscous, tapenade and roasted tomatoes, not enhanced by what tasted like a seasoning of citrus oil with a bossy, lemon verbena flavour.’
    • ‘Ingredients like olive tapénade and truffle vinaigrette have become routine at Tavern, deliberately raising its level of culinary sophistication.’


French, from Provençal.