Definition of tape echo in English:

tape echo


  • A facility which allows the repeat of a sound to be delayed by adjusting the time lapse between the recording and playback heads of a tape recorder.

    • ‘Also, with the use of analog devices including backwards symbols, vintage keyboards, tape echo and voice distortion, the record secretes vintage appeal.’
    • ‘Well, it doesn't have all the complex features a digital delay might have, like endless repeat, reverse echo, tap tempo, or even set tempo, but how many tape echoes having you seen with all that nonsense?’
    • ‘Only a tape echo gives the warm, natural sounds that make your music sound richer and more exciting.’
    • ‘But really you need to hear the whole LP - it's stacked full of inventive samples, old-style tape echo, Minimoogs galore and generally more ideas than you thought it was possible to fit onto one record.’
    • ‘One tip though- don't try to create a tape echo with old walkmans and a Fischer Price tape recorder - you'll make yourself very upset when you break it.’