Definition of taonga in English:



  • (in Maori culture) an object or natural resource which is highly prized.

    • ‘Both the Crown and Maori recognise obligations to protect and promote te reo Maori as a taonga.’
    • ‘In fact, the plain text of the treaty would seem to indicate that taonga must be maintained exclusively by Maori and the government is legally required to avoid getting involved.’
    • ‘The accessibility of Parliament is a treasure - a taonga that we should guard jealously and maintain.’
    • ‘To me, that's how all our kids should be raised - as the taonga they are from the heavens.’
    • ‘The animals are revered by the Maori as a taonga, or treasure.’
    • ‘This is especially apparent in the little black hole in which the Maori taonga and artefacts are presented.’
    • ‘I understand that a prophecy was given about that time: ‘When our taonga returns, our grievance will be over.’’
    • ‘If one reads further through the speech one discovers that fresh water is described as somehow being a taonga.’
    • ‘But what preceded all of that were court decisions stating that the language of Maori was a taonga, and that the Government had a duty to promote it, and through the medium of broadcasting.’
    • ‘I for one would like to see a NZ that values its smaller citizens as a precious taonga, as autonomous rights-holders, and a worthy investment.’
    • ‘National members said they would recognise the relationship of Maori and their culture and traditions with their ancestral lands, water, sites, wahi tapu, and other taonga.’
    • ‘More fundamentally, the Auckland War Memorial Museum is the keeping of our treasures, our taonga, of our art and technology, our heritage and our stories, our scientific and cultural knowledge.’
    • ‘Ngati Tuwharetoa's loss of control over those lands has hindered their economic, social, and cultural development, and impeded their ability to exercise control over their taonga and wahi tapu.’
    • ‘But although I talk about artefacts and taonga, I do not believe that cultural heritage is or should be confined to movable or portable artefacts.’
    • ‘The artists' group viewed the collection as a taonga to be preserved for the future in its entirety.’
    • ‘These taonga are elegant and important voices from the past.’
    • ‘Their lands and taonga were stripped off them in the name of New Zealand as a whole.’
    • ‘While he was there, Uetonga, the father of Niwareka, taught him Ta Moko, and Mataora brought this taonga to our world.’
    • ‘An exhibition within the exhibition showcases a selection of taonga that were included in Te Maori.’
    • ‘When he died in 1995, she and her younger brother, Te Rakaherea, became the guardians of Sir Maui's writings, his taonga and even his mana.’