Definition of Taoist in English:


(also Daoist)


  • An adherent of the Chinese philosophy of Taoism.

    ‘the Taoist on the reef strives to see things from even the corals' point of view’
    • ‘His formulation invites the view (usually attributed to Taoists) that reality is a single, indivisible totality.’
    • ‘When I focused my breath in my center, the place Taoists call the 'Sea of Chi,' I became grounded and strong.’
    • ‘Taoists skillfully built temples that conformed to the contours of the land.’
    • ‘For the Taoist, doing nothing presents positive advantages.’
    • ‘Taoists shun aggression, competition, and ambition.’


  • Relating to the Chinese philosophy of Taoism.

    ‘Taoist teachings’
    ‘a Taoist temple’
    • ‘Tai-Chi is a concept evolved from the Taoist beliefs in ancient China.’
    • ‘On the set burial date, Taoist priests come to chant for the dead.’
    • ‘The birthday of Guanyin, the goddess of mercy, falls between late March and late April and is observed by visiting Taoist temples.’
    • ‘In China as far back as 4000 BC, the Taoist religion revered beauty, and garden structures were natural and essential components.’
    • ‘Even though most Hong Kong people are not Taoist, Taoism still offers one of the most popular funeral ceremony styles in the city.’