Definition of tankini in English:



  • A women's two-piece swimsuit combining a top half styled like a tank top with a bikini bottom.

    • ‘I usually wear tankinis or bikini tops with a skirt or board shorts.’
    • ‘I pulled on my tankini, and grabbed a towel, and went back down to the lobby, and went to the pool.’
    • ‘I'm wearing this rainbow-striped tankini, like five-year-olds wear when they want to dress like their big sisters and still have rainbow everything.’
    • ‘Could my husband find me attractive in a tankini?’
    • ‘She had just finished dressing in a purple tankini and white shorts.’
    • ‘That day I was wearing a plain black tankini and bright green flip-flops.’
    • ‘She unzipped her bag and got what she needed: her light blue tankini with stripes of different shades of blue, her sunblock, her sunglasses and her towel.’
    • ‘What works here is a suit that breaks up the line of your torso, such as a tankini or wide-band bikini.’
    • ‘In about 6 minutes I was downstairs in my white tank top with cut-off denim jeans, my tankini under my clothing, of course.’
    • ‘A plus size tankini wears very well during pregnancy.’
    • ‘She had on some tight white pants, a pink and blue sequenced tankini, her eye shadow color was a dark blue and her lips were a rich pink color.’
    • ‘We played for about 3 hours, and then we all changed into our bathing suits, me into my tankini top, bikini bottoms, and white swim shorts.’
    • ‘From tankinis to sport bras and boy shorts, a number of clothing companies are making stylish swimsuits that are functional enough for any workout, in or out of the water.’
    • ‘It was a tight black tankini that would sculpt to my body like a second skin with tiny, faded rosettes patterning the surface.’
    • ‘Eventually I decided I'd be best off in my deep blue tankini and my blue-silvery sarong, I didn't want to look silly.’
    • ‘She went upstairs to change, she came back down wearing her black tankini, shorts and her sunglasses.’
    • ‘She was closer to the water, on a towel in a green tankini reading a book.’
    • ‘In the end I purchased three new bikinis and one tankini and one white sundress.’
    • ‘She ended up in a pair of short shorts with her tankini under a white tank top.’
    • ‘He and I were already wearing our trunks and she was wearing a tankini.’