Definition of tank farm in English:

tank farm


  • An area of oil or gas storage tanks.

    • ‘He said the site, located near the tank farm along a runway built by the American Air Force, will cost about $350,000 to build, compared to the $500,000 price tag on the other site.’
    • ‘The fuel would be scrubbed at the tank farm to reduce the concentration of oxygen in the fuel.’
    • ‘His visit follows state-owned Indian Oil Corporation Limited having secured a deal with Ceylon Petroleum Corporation to lease an oil storage tank farm in Sri Lanka's North Eastern port town of Trincomalee.’
    • ‘Between 10 am and 3pm, eight buses, each with a guide and commentary, made continuous trips around the refinery and tank farm.’
    • ‘The predicted cost of $14 million does not include the cost of land acquisition or having to relocate the tank farm to the eastern end of the runway.’
    • ‘"The seismic effects of the collapses are comparable to the explosions at a gasoline tank farm near Newark on Jan.7, 1983, " the Palisades Seismology Group reported on Sept.14, 2001.’
    • ‘The spill originated from the fuel tank farm at the mine site, which closed in 2002 after 22 years of operation.’
    • ‘But I play along, as we follow a bike path past a tank farm, then along the marshy shore of the bay.’
    • ‘The company ponied up a hefty $55 per square foot for a property that had been an oil tank farm - which included $800,000 in environmental remediation costs.’
    • ‘The charges were laid in relation to spills alleged to have originated in June 2002 from the company's tank farm on the Island – two months before the mine closed.’
    • ‘"It is much more expensive to build tank farms underground but it is far more secure," he says.’
    • ‘I'm from a town that has lots of refineries and tank farms.’
    • ‘The women say they had waited in vain for three weeks for a response to a list of demands before losing patience and hijacking and occupying the docks, airfield, gas plant and tank farm.’
    • ‘The British National Oil Corporation brought the pipeline from the nearby field into a tanker terminal and tank farm at Nigg.’
    • ‘The majority of these tasks have been completed, including dust control and the remediation of contaminated soils surrounding the marine tank farm.’
    • ‘Another attack against a California oil refinery and tank farm was motivated more by personal rather than military strategy; in any case, that attack was also ineffectual.’
    • ‘The condensate/light oil was extracted from the gas and sent to a newly built tank farm at Paritutu near Port Taranaki.’
    • ‘The corporation's objective is to build infrastructure in the oil industry from tank farms to pipelines.’
    • ‘The planned development in the area surrounding the camp follows from the Northern Territory government's securing of a new location for the neighboring tank farm.’
    • ‘For the rest of the morning, we caravaned by car to more lookouts along the river, including an old pier by an oil tank farm, the banks of a condominium development, and a nature sanctuary.’