Definition of tanh in English:


Pronunciation /θan//tanˈeɪtʃ//tanʃ/


  • Hyperbolic tangent.

    • ‘This paper describes properties of the function tanh from the standpoint of its use in robust signal processing and statistical estimation.’
    • ‘The thick line shows the correlation within a moving window, while the thin lines show 95% confidence intervals (using Fisher's tanh approximation).’
    • ‘We have already looked at this one above, but here we note that, using hyperbolic trig. functions, it is also cosh / sinh or 1 / tanh.’
    • ‘The sinh, cosh, and tanh subroutines compute the hyperbolic trigonometric functions of their parameters.’
    • ‘If its argument is an array, the tanh function will be applied to each element and the result returned as an array.’