Definition of tangly in English:



  • See tangle

    • ‘To me the plant called to mind a giant jungle of a cheese plant in the corner, with huge luxuriant leaves on tangly, ropey stems, streaming out of a giant clay pot and taking over half of the room all the way up to the ceiling.’
    • ‘So, in your case I'd say wet it in the morning (wash it without products) and then wash it post workout with shampoo and, if you actually think it's useful (I do not unless you have really long / tangly hair), conditioner.’
    • ‘She backed away from the group slowly, muffled sobs emerging from beneath the mass of tangly blond hair.’
    • ‘We had set off on a romp and a ramble through tangly woods and snow dusted fields and had found ourselves standing on molehills and wondering just exactly where we were.’
    • ‘He tucked his arms under his head, noticing with disgust his sticky, tangly hair, itchy with dried blood.’