Definition of tamarau in English:



  • A small brownish-black buffalo similar to the anoa, found only on Mindoro in the Philippines.

    Bubalus mindorensis, family Bovidae

    • ‘Mud wallowing is a frequent activity, and most tamarau are found in close proximity to water.’
    • ‘According to the ‘Red Data Book’, the tamarau is one of the rarest mammals in the world.’
    • ‘In addition to bison, Bovini include the African Cape buffalo, the wild Indian buffalo, the domesticated water buffalo, the dwarf water buffalo (also know as the anoa or Celebes ox), the tamarau of the Philippines, and all true cattle.’
    • ‘The Asian buffalo is classified as Bubalus bubalis, the tamarau as Bubalus mindorensis.’
    • ‘‘Water buffalo’ is a general term for these bovids at the waterside including Africans, Asians or tamaraus.’


Late 19th century: from Tagalog.