Definition of talkback in English:



  • 1A system of two-way communication by loudspeaker.

    • ‘I noticed, however, that the vocalist was not wearing headphones, so I hit the talkback and asked her if she wanted cans.’
  • 2

    ‘a talkback show’
    another term for phone-in
    • ‘For Belvett the opportunity to get the work up on its feet and present it with basic lights and sound was valuable with post-show talkbacks proving especially useful.’
    • ‘As talkback entrenched itself as an integral part of the Australian radio landscape, her program was also said to lack sufficient topicality.’
    • ‘May I draw her attention to the last talkback in the local press, which showed an overwhelming opposition to using horses along the busiest road in town.’
    • ‘Once elected she inaugurated the association's newest venture - a radio programme with interviews and a talkback on Plains Radio.’
    • ‘For example, in terms of the talkbacks, the lecture demonstrations that I would hear at Millennium or at the Filmmakers' Cooperative, the artists would very often present the film as part of a theory.’
    • ‘There will be a short talkback after the performance.’
    • ‘I have been appalled at the things that I have heard people prepared to say on radio talkback.’
    • ‘But is talkback radio news, or current affairs?’
    • ‘And on Wednesday's Life Matters, there's going to be a talkback on sleep, the subject of today's Health Report.’
    • ‘One critical issue in the rise of talkback was the change in the regulatory conditions covering commercial radio that removed the requirement to have news and current affairs.’
    • ‘The first are their very own competition, the popular alternative media, especially that derided and persecuted medium, talkback.’
    • ‘On Monday I listened to Liam Bartlett on WA ABC morning radio to hear the talkback and interviews.’
    • ‘Eoin Cameron's 14.9 per cent share of breakfast talkback re-establishes him firmly as the number one presenter in the talk market, and number two overall.’
    • ‘I have read tons of interesting theories and responses - especially on the AICN talkback.’
    • ‘The battle raged for weeks and provoked a flood of newspaper editorials, as well as intense radio talkback.’
    • ‘It was fairly light on the phones compared to my normal talkback but I expected that because of the nature of the topic.’
    • ‘If you go by the calls that we get to talkback here on Radio National, most - well a great number of - Radio National listeners believe that the issue is oil.’
    • ‘As well as that column, he has been writing for the Independent and the Sunday News, hosting talkback for Radio Pacific, appearing in corporate videos, and giving the occasional speech.’
    • ‘He was also doing monthly weather sessions on 3ZB and regular programmes and talkbacks with George Balani and Robin Harrison on 3ZB on the topic of weather.’
    • ‘But talkback will always have a place, because the views that you get are unfettered.’