Definition of talk through one's hat in English:

talk through one's hat


  • Talk foolishly, wildly, or ignorantly.

    ‘come on, you're talking through your hat on that’
    • ‘And for me to say anything about the intelligence dispute would be talking through my hat.’
    • ‘I mention the matter only to establish that I do know the subject exceptionally well and am not talking through my hat in what I am about to say.’
    • ‘For the health minister to claim otherwise is him talking through his hat.’
    • ‘It's a nice try, but Piper plots the actual data and shows that he is talking through his hat.’
    • ‘Sophisticated viewers may realize these pundits are talking through their hat, but most won't.’
    • ‘I'm afraid, my old darling, that you are talking through your hat.’
    • ‘Good thing he's so electable, or he might have to stop talking through his hat.’
    • ‘So if you read this report and compare it with the game moves, and come to the conclusion that I am talking through my hat, you are probably right.’
    • ‘Because of these uncertainties, anyone who claims to have calculated the mathematically correct probability that this event will take place in the next year would be talking through his hat.’
    • ‘When questioned, Joseph said that he was just talking through his hat.’
    talk nonsense, talk rubbish, babble, ramble, gibber, burble, blather, blether, prate, prattle, gabble, chatter, twitter, maunder
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