Definition of talk radio in English:

talk radio


mass noun
  • A type of radio broadcast in which the presenter talks about topical issues and encourages listeners to phone in to give their opinions.

    ‘pundits claim that talk radio has totally altered the political climate’
    • ‘I don't listen to music; when I do decide to listen to something it is generally talk radio.’
    • ‘However, anyone who has access to the Internet can listen to and participate in Internet talk radio.’
    • ‘Even local talk radio has been engineered into a kind of therapy, where listeners phone in to vent by the megawatt.’
    • ‘When one listens to talk radio or reads the daily broadsheets it is clear that Ireland no longer speaks with a single voice.’
    • ‘The angry everyman is an old cliche in the news game, one that is alive and well in talk radio, on cable TV and on new Internet venues.’
    • ‘It's been years since I listened to talk radio of any kind, but this news pleases me.’
    • ‘On talk radio, current affairs issues serve the same purpose as everything else that goes to air.’
    • ‘Reynolds is fast becoming the table setter for what gets talked about on talk radio and TV chat shows.’
    • ‘Many stations include an element of talk radio in their proposals.’
    • ‘It can play podcasts, which are a new form of talk radio that comes through your computer onto your iPod.’
    • ‘While the mainstream press is likely to ignore the issue, it might be publicized via the Internet and talk radio.’
    • ‘They know what they are supposed to say and it filters up down and around talk radio, cable news and into the mainstream.’
    • ‘The credibility of the news media is the big buzz today on talk radio all across America.’
    • ‘Whether or not anyone learned anything is debatable, but it probably made for engaging talk radio.’
    • ‘Around one in five now gets news from talk radio and 38 percent from cable TV broadcasts.’
    • ‘The story will definitely continue to be the lightning rod of talk shows and talk radio.’
    • ‘They're listening to talk radio because they feel like it gives them another alternative.’
    • ‘A recent survey by Gallup says that 22 percent of Americans get their news from talk radio.’
    • ‘I haven't listened to a radio station that plays music in years, but I listen to talk radio a lot.’
    • ‘I normally prefer listening to talk radio as opposed to music while driving.’


talk radio