Definition of talk down to in English:

talk down to

phrasal verb

  • Speak patronizingly or condescendingly to.

    ‘there's an art to informing people without talking down or pandering to them’
    • ‘I hate being talked down to, patronised and being told what is right and what is wrong.’
    • ‘They did not talk down to him or patronize him in anyway.’
    • ‘Voters cannot bear being talked down to.’
    • ‘Her refusal to patronise or talk down to her readers makes her a huge favourite and this should be an inspirational and fascinating afternoon.’
    • ‘While the play was enjoyable overall, there were moments that I felt I was being talked down to and the play's somewhat pretentious concept may be in part to blame.’
    • ‘I just thought it was a fantastic way to reach kids on a level and in a way that they were not being talked down to by adults.’
    • ‘It carries information that is relevant to their lives, it's fun and it's written in a way that does not patronise or talk down to them.’
    • ‘Yet he had to suffer the indignity of people not bothering to return his calls, being talked down to by accountants, claiming unemployment benefit and all the time being slowly ground down by it.’
    • ‘You will never be smacked, disciplined, or talked down to.’
    • ‘I don't want to be talked down to in such a condescending way.’
    condescend to, patronize, treat condescendingly, speak condescendingly to, speak haughtily to, look down one's nose at, look down on, put down, be snobbish to
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