Definition of taking in English:



  • 1[mass noun] The action or process of taking something:

    ‘the taking of life’
    • ‘There should be no taking of sides when human rights are in jeopardy.’
    • ‘So more eating, more drinking and more taking of photos - many of them painfully embarrassing.’
    • ‘He had been released from prison last April after serving a sentence for assault and the unauthorised taking of a car.’
    • ‘In fact, giving and taking are natural phenomenon in human relationships.’
  • 2takingsThe amount of money earned by a business from the sale of goods or services:

    ‘the big test for the shop's new look is whether it'll boost takings’
    • ‘Together with gate receipts, bar takings and sponsorship. the books are just about balanced.’
    • ‘Lizzy had done a gig the night before and Philip was divvying up the takings.’
    • ‘The counterfeits were discovered when the shopkeepers tried paying their takings into the bank.’
    • ‘Surveys of local businesses suggest takings have fallen slightly.’
    • ‘Chicago has already won critical acclaim and attracted big box office takings in London and the United States.’
    • ‘Retailers can examine the till takings in a branch across the city, without having to lay a cable out there.’
    • ‘Open the tills, count the takings at the end of the night and don't count the cost!’
    • ‘Hotels and guesthouses simply can't cope with the fall in takings now facing them.’
    • ‘The club announced it was donating the entire evenings takings to the families of the missing firemen.’
    • ‘As audiences dwindled, Apollo's pledge to keep the cinema open until a buyer could be found died with the box office takings.’
    • ‘He tells how the company's daily takings have reached a record £106,000 and we see him counting wads of cash.’
    • ‘Thousands flocked to the three resorts last weekend and business takings were well up.’
    • ‘At the end of the day he compares the tally of customers with the takings to ensure his profit margin.’
    • ‘All takings from the gate will go to Our Lady's Hospital for Sick Children in Crumlin.’
    • ‘Not only did the money go, the takings of our flag day, but he took the only set of weights we had for training.’
    • ‘Companies may operate as shops-within-shops and pay rent as a percentage of takings to the host store.’
    • ‘As a goodwill gesture Mr Smith said he would be contributing some of his days' takings to help pay back the stolen money.’
    • ‘The venture has proved so popular that the business has doubled its takings every year.’
    • ‘Meanwhile angry shopkeepers in Blackfen Road say takings are down by more than half.’
    • ‘Industry takings rely on the sale of alcohol and the more they sell, the better their profits.’
    proceeds, returns, receipts, earnings, winnings, pickings, spoils
    profit, gain, income, revenue, money received, payments received
    gate money, gate, purse
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  • (of a person) captivating in manner; charming:

    ‘he was not a very taking person, she felt’
    • ‘I must admit that she is not a taking young woman," she said. "I never felt myself so chilled and repressed in my life before."’
    • ‘When I was leaving the country the last time, a taking young man with Homburg hat, blue tie, light gloves, smart clothes and cane, came up with extended hand to meet me, and seeing uncertainty as to his identity in my expression as I took it, he exclaimed reproachfully--"What, have you forgotten poor Fr.------already?"’
    delightful, pleasing, pleasant, agreeable, likeable, endearing, lovely, lovable, adorable, cute, sweet, appealing, attractive, good-looking, prepossessing
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