Definition of takeout in English:



  • 1North American Food that is cooked and sold by a restaurant or store to be eaten elsewhere; takeaway.

    • ‘One interesting facet, he adds, is that during the last four to five years, restaurant takeout has slowed while frozen dinners and entrées have picked up.’
    • ‘The phone rang just as the Kunkels started eating their Chinese takeout.’
    • ‘We like Paul's cooking, and everyone likes it when I order takeout food for dinner.’
    • ‘For dinner, we got takeout from our favorite cheap Thai and ate it in front of the TV.’
    • ‘They have popped up in exurban strip malls and on the decaying streets of former industrial centers in the Midwest: buffets, takeouts.’
    • ‘Problem is, Aimes messed up the map, putting the Chinese takeout in the wrong location and placing Sigel and Speller clear over on the other side of the intersection.’
    • ‘She's fine now, we left the hospital at half 2 and got takeout pizza and watched the penalties again.’
    • ‘One last bit of advice: Make sure you have the phone numbers of your favorite pizza parlor and Chinese takeout restaurant on speed dial.’
    • ‘As well as products and online shopping, the centre offers seminars and cooking classes, an in-store registered nurse, and a deli that offers takeout food and home delivery.’
    • ‘At the end of the day, Amy was usually too tired to cook, so she dined on takeout pizza or Chinese food.’
    • ‘I looked up to see Jason, smiling sadly at me over a box of takeout food.’
    • ‘She had a half eaten carton of Malaysian takeout on her thigh and an arm wrapped around her beaten back pack.’
    • ‘From the takeout near Durango, teams would bike, trek, and rappel roughly 55 miles back to Telluride.’
    • ‘Sitting alone in a cheap motel, eating takeout food after a hard day at Wal-Mart, she watches an episode of Survivor.’
    • ‘He turned up on her doorstep that evening with a bottle of wine and takeout cartons of Middle Eastern food.’
    • ‘I do know that she sneaked out last night to her favorite Italian restaurant and brought back some takeout.’
    • ‘A few days before, we were finishing a meal of takeout Chinese food when he asked me which fortune cookie was his?’
    • ‘The main criteria for late-night takeout is that it be spicy hot and steaming hot.’
    • ‘On the way, we stopped and got some takeout food at a little Scottish restaurant they have down here called ‘McDonalds’.’
    • ‘Your affluent New Yorker gets lower fat takeout food, or buys something healthy that's pre-prepared from the supermarket.’
    • ‘Hodge says Lay is often seen ordering takeout food from one of his favorite restaurants.’
    • ‘After the movie the three of us decided to relax for the rest of the night so we returned to Stacy's house, picking up Chinese takeout for dinner and crashed downstairs to play pool and video games.’
    • ‘Later in the afternoon, once the brunch dishes had all been cleared away and Lauren had laid Erik down for a nap, they watched a movie, and ended up ordering takeout for dinner, because no one wanted to cook.’
    • ‘I've eaten at Kam Han several times recently, both at lunch and dinner, as well as having ordered a mess of takeout, and the food has generally been very good.’
  • 2Bridge
    A bid (in a different suit) made in response to a bid or double by one's partner.

    ‘I doubled for takeout, eliciting a 4NT reply from Robson’
    • ‘And although Charlie hadn't made it clear when he announced the convention, it should have been obvious to me that his doubles of overcalls couldn't possibly be for takeout, since that would most likely lead to his wife's becoming declarer.’
    • ‘When your opponent asks for an explanation of a no-trump overcall, state that your partner has ten to fifteen points, the bid is artificial, and it is for takeout.’