Definition of takeout in English:



  • 1North American A takeaway.

    • ‘Problem is, Aimes messed up the map, putting the Chinese takeout in the wrong location and placing Sigel and Speller clear over on the other side of the intersection.’
    • ‘They have popped up in exurban strip malls and on the decaying streets of former industrial centers in the Midwest: buffets, takeouts.’
    • ‘From the takeout near Durango, teams would bike, trek, and rappel roughly 55 miles back to Telluride.’
    • ‘The phone rang just as the Kunkels started eating their Chinese takeout.’
  • 2Bridge
    A bid (in a different suit) made in response to a bid or double by one's partner:

    ‘I doubled for takeout, eliciting a 4NT reply from Robson’
    • ‘And although Charlie hadn't made it clear when he announced the convention, it should have been obvious to me that his doubles of overcalls couldn't possibly be for takeout, since that would most likely lead to his wife's becoming declarer.’
    • ‘When your opponent asks for an explanation of a no-trump overcall, state that your partner has ten to fifteen points, the bid is artificial, and it is for takeout.’