Definition of takeaway in English:



  • 1British A restaurant or shop selling cooked food to be eaten elsewhere.

    ‘a fast-food takeaway’
    as modifier ‘a takeaway pizza’
    • ‘He said: ‘I do a lot of walking and the amount of rubbish that is left in Westhoughton comes from fast food outlets and takeaways.’’
    • ‘Surely with the lack of housing it would be good policy not to allow any more houses to be changed into food takeaways.’
    • ‘Traders in Gorse Hill fear customers are shopping elsewhere because of a deluge of fast food outlets and takeaways.’
    • ‘Traders, especially those selling food and takeaways, must take responsibility for the areas around their premises and encourage customers to dispose of rubbish properly.’
    • ‘And for the first time ever, late-night hot food takeaways operating after 11 pm will also come under the umbrella of the new act.’
    • ‘Currently in the High Street there are two Indian takeaways, two fish and chip shops, a Chinese takeaway and a pizza takeaway.’
    • ‘Computer software to do everything from running a pizza takeaway to organising a huge computer gaming tournament was also on display.’
    • ‘I can vouch for the takeaway as the meals we have had from there have been excellent, so we decided it was time to try out the restaurant.’
    • ‘Almost 90% of Britons said they were partial to a plate of chips, with more than 300 million takeaways being sold each year.’
    • ‘Keep Britain Tidy predicted problems would be caused by litter and discarded food from takeaways and overflowing household rubbish bags.’
    • ‘Almost half the weight of some chicken sold through restaurants and takeaways is made up of water and food additives, according to an investigation.’
    • ‘She began by making samosas, chapattis and other finger foods for a takeaway and soon she had to take on others to help her.’
    • ‘The presentation night was held at the Tale of Spice restaurant, in Castle Street, which were winners in the best takeaway and best veggie food sections.’
    • ‘The department is responsible for checking up to 1,500 food premises - including food shops, cafes, restaurants, bars and takeaways - in its sprawling area.’
    • ‘He said that although there were no specific laws that restricted opening times of food takeaways, the planning permission system allowed the council to apply measures.’
    • ‘There are already two hot food takeaways on Moredon Road and one being built.’
    • ‘The restaurant is already neighboured by two hot food takeaways, one on either side.’
    • ‘They were walking home with a pizza from a nearby takeaway.’
    • ‘He works seven nights a week delivering food for a Chinese restaurant and a pizza takeaway.’
    • ‘He and his friend then went to a takeaway that sold kebabs.’
    1. 1.1 A meal or dish bought from a shop or restaurant to be eaten elsewhere.
      ‘he phoned for a takeaway’
      North American term takeout
      mass noun ‘he is happy to eat Chinese takeaway’
      • ‘Jane used to eat takeaways, crisps and snacks, but has now traded fatty food for a Weight Watcher's diet - low fat sandwiches and healthy but tasty dishes.’
      • ‘We were turned away from 3 restaurants who refused to do a takeaway as they were too busy.’
      • ‘Out went takeaways and big lunches and in came healthy alternatives like tuna without mayo and cottage cheese instead of Cheddar.’
      • ‘Make sure you take regular breaks and treat yourself to a delicious takeaway or meal out in the evening.’
      • ‘Bruce pulled over outside a Kennebunk clam restaurant and sent me in to get a takeaway.’
      • ‘Many of today's young people, existing on takeaways or meals taken out of the freezer and bunged in the microwave, complain about the cost of things.’
      • ‘There is also a restaurant where you can have breakfast and buy takeaways and there is a licensed bar too.’
      • ‘I got takeaways from the fish and chip shop and ate them in the park with a fellow blogger, and it was lovely, except for the mosquitoes, but I ate way too much.’
      • ‘Every night for the last week I have had to phone for a takeaway because I can't control my appetite.’
      • ‘But despite feeding ready meals and takeaways to their children parents are eating far less of them - on average just 64 ready meals each a year.’
      • ‘About once a fortnight, I eat a fatty takeaway for dinner: fish and chips, Chinese, kebabs.’
      • ‘The teas at home declined a bit; there were more takeaways and cheap ready meals.’
      • ‘Even the normally unflappable Health Squad team were almost speechless when they discovered that Una's diet consists of coffee and a fag for breakfast and a takeaway for dinner!’
      • ‘The Kai Cart just back from the waterfront serves interesting food and the group recommends the paua patties which can be eaten on the site or bought as a takeaway.’
      • ‘Evening meals are often takeaways: neither he nor his wife are keen cooks.’
      • ‘She lay on her mother's sofa, watching television and eating chocolates, then had a Chinese takeaway in the evening.’
      • ‘Business is back to normal in East Tamaki after Christmas close-downs and, thankfully, popular eatery Meet in The Sandwich has also re-opened its doors for breakfast, lunch and takeaways.’
      • ‘People were sitting there eating takeaways and watching TV.’
      • ‘I don't want you to get the idea that I exist on takeaways and ready meals, because I don't.’
      • ‘According to the research eating out and getting takeaways is becoming routine and, whereas before it was usually considered a treat, now it is thought of as part and parcel of a hard-working lifestyle.’
  • 2A key fact, point, or idea to be remembered, typically one emerging from a discussion or meeting.

    ‘the main takeaway for me is that we need to continue to communicate all the things we're doing for our customers’
    as modifier ‘the takeaway message’
    • ‘The takeaway lesson for me, which I had already learned much earlier in life, is the importance of admitting mistakes.’
    • ‘The real takeaway you get from the film is the same one his daughters touchingly acknowledge in the denouement - there's never anything wrong with making a stand against social injustice.’
    • ‘The key takeaway from the book is that it is unquestionably worth your time and effort to learn the ins-and-outs of frequently overlooked subjects, such as HTTP, compression, redirects, and DNS.’
    • ‘For me the big takeaway is a reminder that the old ways of doing business are being challenged.’
    • ‘My one takeaway from all of this is that we are on our own when it comes to making sound investing decisions.’
    • ‘I'll write more detailed notes later, but here are some quick takeaways.’
    • ‘The data offer three key takeaways for policymakers.’
    • ‘One of the takeaways is there is no crisis in health care in the United States.’
    • ‘The most important takeaway is this: they repeatedly did things that felt like huge risks, that challenged the status quo and that seemed, on their face, to give too much power to their audience.’
    • ‘My takeaway is that if Apple wants to keep doing this well, they need to keep selling them cheap.’
    • ‘I also want to emphasize the three key takeaways from today's call.’
    • ‘The key takeaway is to initiate, or re-initiate, this dialogue within your organization.’
    • ‘One of our takeaways from the global financial crisis is that it is very important for rating agencies to be transparent about the assumptions that go into the analysis.’
    • ‘My take-away from this is that there are some steps that we can individually take to improve our security against identity theft.’
    • ‘The key takeaways from this seem to be that 'learning how to hire' comes with experience, a little theory from books and blogs, surrounding yourself with mentors you can learn from and making a few mistakes along the way.’
    • ‘There aren't a lot of actionable business takeaways I can provide from her presentation.’
    • ‘The other big takeaway from the book was that life insurance is another industry that only commanded high prices by hiding information.’
    • ‘The important takeaway point is that SEO isn't something that can just be tweaked under the hood.’
    • ‘The takeaway: companies should master "reverse innovation" by launching services tailored for developing countries.’
    • ‘That book has 10 excellent takeaways for time management that can help anyone.’
  • 3Golf

    ‘many golfers ruin the swing with a poor takeaway’
    another term for backswing
    • ‘Recently, we've smoothed out some minor kinks she had in her takeaway and the top of the backswing.’
    • ‘Under Harmon, Pavin has worked to lose his distinctive habit of lifting and fanning the club open on the takeaway, producing a backswing that was too narrow and too long.’
    • ‘If I want to turn it right to left, I simply swing a little more inside on the takeaway and release the club a little sooner through impact.’
    • ‘To create a consistent tempo, it helps to have a little movement before the takeaway, such as a waggle of the clubhead back and forth above the ball.’
    • ‘A pressing action, whether it's a small movement of the clubhead or a more dynamic mini-rehearsal of the takeaway, preps you for the actual swing.’
  • 4US (in football and hockey) an act of regaining the ball or puck from the opposing team.