Definition of take turns in English:

take turns

(British take it in turns)


  • (of two or more people) do something alternately or in succession.

    ‘we took turns riding the go-cart down the road and back’
    • ‘Then they took turns to cook and watch spectacular sunsets.’
    • ‘My girl and I took turns putting our fingers in our ears, or hands over our eyes during the scary bits.’
    • ‘Speakers then took turns to denounce the government, complaining of unemployment, poverty and corruption.’
    • ‘All four girls would take turns with the churn.’
    • ‘The girls took turns feeding her by hand as she hung there.’
    • ‘The duo took turns writing scenes then acting each one out.’
    • ‘There were two other girls who were taking turns trying to get his attention.’
    • ‘We had two footballs and took turns lining up penalties.’
    • ‘You and your partner should take it in turns, on alternate days, to be the asker.’
    • ‘They were taking it in turns to call each other big girls on their CDs.’
    alternate, take turns, take it in turns, act in sequence, work in sequence, trade places, change, switch, interchange, exchange, swap
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