Definition of take to one's heels in English:

take to one's heels


  • Run away.

    • ‘Ignoring a cab waiting at the kerb, in her desperation to get away from what seemed like a nightmare Iris took to her heels and ran.’
    • ‘Then, all at once, the two took to their heels and ran off.’
    • ‘We took to our heels across the bridge and shifted back into our positions with the rest of the column.’
    • ‘A horse standing there took to his heels in fear and galloped 200 yards at full speed round the fenced area.’
    • ‘While many traders took to their heels, others managed to hide the endangered species.’
    • ‘If something creepy appeared on the television he would get to his feet and politely leave, taking to his heels like a scalded cat.’
    • ‘Upset and shouting, Buck took to his heels and dashed out of the room, the wooden door banging on its hinges behind him as his cowboy boots clattered on the timber porch.’
    • ‘With that, Kate took to her heels and ran, making sure to nudge Sam a little off-balance before she went.’
    • ‘They abandoned their plans for the night's entertainment and took to their heels, praying the alley had an open end.’
    • ‘He began to embrace her but she fought him off, taking to her heels again.’
    • ‘Mr Robinson then felt convinced that something serious was about to take place, and he took to his heels and ran for it.’
    • ‘When she was out of sight, the man also took to his heels in case the woman quickly found out what was contained in the plastic bag and followed him.’
    • ‘They stopped and searched the youth, finding nothing, but he was so frightened by the confrontation he took to his heels.’
    • ‘Even small children and young girls turn out to watch the fun; no wonder they are chased away and take to their heels.’
    • ‘Then, overcome by bravery, we took to our heels and ran.’
    • ‘I took to my heels and ran in and they started running too.’
    • ‘When negotiation and a verbal retreat, however undignified, is not an option, I take to my heels.’
    • ‘They took to their heels, fleeing into the surrounding bush.’
    • ‘Six months ago, he also made a gang of car thieves take to their heels when he grabbed them by the ankles.’
    • ‘When he took to his heels, some petrol splashed on his clothing.’
    run away, run off, make a run for it, run for it, take flight, make off, take off, make a break for it, bolt, flee, beat a retreat, beat a hasty retreat, make a quick exit, make one's getaway, escape, head for the hills
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