Definition of take the rap in English:

take the rap


  • Be punished or blamed, especially for something that is not one's fault.

    ‘it didn't worry him if someone else took the rap for his misdemeanours’
    • ‘Vernon ends up taking the rap for the killings and is sentenced to death.’
    • ‘And the agency willingly risks taking the rap in exchange for access to all that client money.’
    • ‘Pay them to take the rap and then say it was all their fault.’
    • ‘We take the rap for whatever suffering takes place under sanctions, period.’
    • ‘He complained once again that he took the rap for others.’
    • ‘Most of them are happy to use the bureaucratic machinery to escape from taking the rap.’
    • ‘President Kennedy was told the Bay of Pigs would go smoothly and then he took the rap.’
    • ‘I would say that he is taking the rap for it anyway, short of being the scapegoat.’
    • ‘They were more concerned with working out the reasons why it hadn't been their fault and why someone else should take the rap.’
    • ‘History shows that it is nearly always the smaller party in a coalition that takes the rap in that situation.’
    be punished, be blamed, take the blame, pay, suffer, suffer the consequences, pay the price
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