Definition of take the heat in English:

take the heat


  • Accept blame or withstand disapproval.

    ‘“Don't worry about it,” Mulder said, “we'll take the heat. You can tell him we pulled rank.”’
    • ‘A lot of us are sick of taking the heat here in the blogosphere where every time you open your mouth, a bunch of hecklers are quick to tell you to shut up and that you're wrong.’
    • ‘And you took the heat not only there but effectively undermined your chances of being a vice presidential running mate.’
    • ‘The reason they arrested Stuart and not Gaines was that Stuart, being of stronger stuff than Gaines, deliberately took the heat… a very heroic gesture.’
    • ‘You got a sense that there was one person taking the heat, being accountable, being authoritative and being authentic.’
    • ‘One had to take the heat and accept the humiliation of being abused and pushed around.’
    • ‘And you took the heat for that remark, but then the numbers seemed to go up right afterwards.’
    • ‘It was a terrible accident, and like any good commander he's taking the heat.’
    • ‘Wanna bet some junior grade officer takes the heat for losing the munitions?’
    • ‘I do sometimes purposely write about things that I know will be considered provocative, and I don't mind taking the heat for my words.’
    • ‘And Gaines, whose company had flourished in the horror boom, and whose Senate testimony had made him the face of the B comic-book industry - the Mae West of pulp picto-fiction - took the heat.’