Definition of take the floor in English:

take the floor


  • 1Begin to dance on a dance floor.

    • ‘He was a keen music lover and was a great fan of old time dancing and loved to take the floor at the many dances in St. Brigid's Hall over the years.’
    • ‘After the ceremony and a formal four-course dinner reception, the bride and groom took the floor for their first dance.’
    • ‘Anyone with a love of fun and traditional music and dance is invited to come along and take the floor at The Castlecourt Hotel on Wednesday evening, September 24th at 9.30 pm.’
    • ‘Couples took the floor and danced before the beautiful music.’
    • ‘After the crowning ceremony and many pictures, Anton and Bola took the floor and danced the traditional King and Queen's slow dance.’
    • ‘When the newlywed couple take the floor for their first dance, it will be to the strains of Bert's favourite song, the Rod Stewart classic, Maggie May.’
    • ‘Even before the acclaimed Irish dance company Riverdance takes the floor of the Shanghai Grand Stage, the principal dancers have already won over Shanghai audiences.’
    • ‘I was gone before she took the floor for old-time waltzes.’
  • 2Speak in a debate or assembly.

    • ‘In the midst of an appropriations debate in the House last week, a fairly anonymous member took the floor.’
    • ‘He takes the floor at a meeting of a rebel faction to speak decisively against certain Red Guards and end a stalemate.’
    • ‘When he took the floor of the parliament and quoted at length from a book that I co-authored, he used my writing for purposes that are quite at odds with my own.’
    • ‘Most of the right-wing and left-wing opposition MPs taking the floor during the debates voiced suspicions about the matter.’
    • ‘Even before Bush spoke, Senate Republicans announced plans to take the floor this morning to offer supportive commentary.’
    • ‘Tooker took the floor and began talking about environmental issues in cities, about conservation, cars, smog, and rational transportation systems.’
    • ‘And that's when she took the floor, speaking in defence of women's rights until she was out of time and forced to stop.’
    • ‘On March 27, 1986, John Kerry took the floor of the U.S. Senate and delivered a dramatic oration indicting the foreign policy of the Reagan administration.’
    • ‘On October 9, while the Senate was still debating the Iraq resolution, Wellstone took the floor to ask unanimous consent to take up his bill, which was co-sponsored by 32 Senators.’
    • ‘On Thursday, Dr. Frist took the floor and declared, unequivocally: ‘We need to do it this year.’’