Definition of take the field in English:

take the field


  • 1(of a sports team) go on to a field to begin a game.

    • ‘But when we took the field together in this game for the last time as a team, we came together and showed what we can really do.’
    • ‘Moreover, the Red Sox pitchers managed to do this despite the fact that the team took the field under the apparent instruction of Doctors Howard, Fine, and Howard.’
    • ‘Being forced to watch from the stands as his team took the field in the biggest game of their season was cruel and utterly unfair, the genial Padjoe admitted in the aftermath of one of his greatest triumphs.’
    • ‘The tournament, which is held every year with four teams taking the field in a round-robin basis, this year only saw Pingwe and Muslim from Malawi and Metropolitan and Mfuwe of Zambia participating.’
    • ‘When you take the field for the opening game, the finality of the coming games dawns on you in a very powerful way.’
    • ‘When the Jets take the field for their fifth game of the season on Sunday, they will have their third different starting quarterback.’
    • ‘When the two teams take the field in the opening match of the 2000 World Cup, the result may well set up the standard for the final stage of the tournament.’
    • ‘Bester was just one of the heroes in a Bulldog team which took the field minus star fullback Tiger Mangweni who was a late withdrawal with a pulled hamstring.’
    • ‘However, coach Graham Morgan was more than satisfied with the team that took the field, even though substitute strength was in reality limited to Danny Royston, also carrying a back problem.’
    • ‘But the baseball fans of Washington received their joyful, long-awaited wake-up call this week when the newest mutation of the team took the field in Florida.’
    1. 1.1 Start a military campaign.
      • ‘The new officers brought new reforms into the army and began to turn it into the fighting force that would take the field in World War I, a much different force than had fought at Waterloo.’
      • ‘This newly equipped force was to take the field between October 1944 and January 1945, but that proved too optimistic.’
      • ‘We know that George S. Patton, the most pugnacious and perhaps the most famous American general officer who actually took the field in World War II, carried two handguns as his trademark.’
      • ‘This new army then took the field in 1717 against Norway, where Charles was shot in the head and killed at the siege of Frederiksten.’
      • ‘The well equipped frontline regiments of the Russian army that took the field in 1914, carried a variety of different rifles.’
      • ‘Washington's Continentals always had to be reinforced by summertime recruits or militiamen before they could take the field.’
      • ‘A true infantry soldier wants nothing more than to take the field and engage the enemy.’
      • ‘By the time Crook's army took the field that winter, the ranks of the military had swelled with ‘Custer Avengers.’’
      • ‘A battalion or company commander who takes the field knowing he has the support of artillery gains confidence from the knowledge that he is fighting with an advantage.’
      • ‘He was virtual ruler of the Empire, but also personally took the field in the Turkish campaign against the Russians in the Caucasus.’
      fight, battle, combat, wage war, make war, be at war, be in conflict, conduct a war, do battle, join battle, take the field, take up arms
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