Definition of take something out in English:

take something out

phrasal verb

  • 1Obtain an official document or service.

    ‘you can take out a loan for a specific purchase’
    • ‘Williams is also $120,000 in debt from a series of bank loans he took out to finance the development of Broadcast 2000.’
    • ‘When you go to a bank, although it might be called a car loan you're actually taking out a personal loan with the bank.’
    • ‘Anthony thanked the main sponsors and all the people who took out advertisements.’
    • ‘More people are taking out interest-only mortgages, but they could face big debts if house prices fall further.’
    • ‘If a debt has already been amassed and your repayments are impossible to meet, talk to your bank manager about taking out a personal loan.’
    • ‘Afraid to own up to the truth, she takes out a huge loan and buys a replica to return to her rich friend.’
    • ‘Many years ago I took out a personal loan to buy a decent second-hand car.’
    1. 1.1 Get a licence or summons issued.
      • ‘According to a source, the pair took out a license on Tuesday morning.’
  • 2US Buy food at a cafe or restaurant for eating elsewhere.

    ‘he ordered a lamb madras to take out’
    • ‘I really wanted a milkshake and ordered one to take away.’
    • ‘If you are just running in to get something to take out, it's okay - the burger was awesome, the fries were old, and the soda was soda.’