Definition of take something by storm in English:

take something by storm


  • 1(of troops) capture a place by a sudden and violent attack.

    • ‘Things escalate when a SWAT team follow the police onto the scene and the macho head officer threatens to take the place by storm.’
    • ‘Because Poole's force was not strong enough to take the town by storm, an anti-Bolshevik rising had to be organized in the town and co-ordinated with the landing.’
    • ‘Saladin's brother, al-Adil, took the city by storm and sold the entire population into slavery.’
    attack, charge, rush, conduct an offensive on, make an onslaught on, make a foray on, make a raid on, make a sortie on, descend on, take by storm, attempt to capture
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    1. 1.1 Have great and rapid success in a particular place or with a particular group of people.
      ‘his first collection took the fashion world by storm’
      • ‘It was a vast book of a sprawling nation, and it took the world by storm.’
      • ‘They took the world by storm, and you just could not believe you were so near to them when they were running on to the stage.’
      • ‘And, just as sushi has been welcomed into the belly of the West (the recipe for the popular California Roll was invented in the States), Japan has recently opened its arms to a new fusion trend taking the country by storm.’
      • ‘In 1937, they took the racetrack by storm, winning everywhere and lifting a quickly obsessed nation out of its doldrums.’
      • ‘Fifty years ago, rock 'n' roll took the music world by storm.’
      • ‘In theatrical terms, it took the world by storm.’
      • ‘Just as Gregorian chants took the charts by storm in the 1990s, the producer of a new CD of Gaelic psalm singing is hoping to touch the public's heart.’
      • ‘With his strong voice, he impressed the jurors, took the audience by storm and grabbed the title.’
      • ‘Today she is taking the music business by storm.’
      • ‘In the early nineties a small band of flannelette wearing buddies from Seattle took the world by storm.’