Definition of take something back in English:

take something back

phrasal verb

  • 1Retract a statement.

    ‘I take back nothing of what I said’
    • ‘These are not friendly guys, and given the opportunity to spend the night at it with a few members of the editorial pages of the Star Tribune, I think that maybe they would take their statements back.’
    • ‘She didn't realize how rude the statement sounded until it was too late to take it back.’
    • ‘Having said it, Paisley could not bring himself to take it back.’
    • ‘Well, tell your teammates to catch a pass and I'll take that statement back.’
    retract, withdraw, renounce, disclaim, disown, unsay, disavow, recant, abjure, repudiate, override
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  • 2Return unsatisfactory goods to a shop.

    • ‘I took some faulty goods back to a shop, but the trader pointed to a notice which said ‘No Refunds’.’
    • ‘If any sets have exposed bare wires or terminals around the lampholders consumers should take them back to the shop from where they were purchased.’
    • ‘It's not the same as buying a pair of jeans, deciding you don't like them, and then taking them back to the shop for a refund.’
    • ‘I spent a long time talking on ICQ, took something back to a shop, read my book, painted my toenails.’
    • ‘The research shows people are now willing to make a nuisance of themselves if a restaurant meal is not up to scratch and feel confident taking a product back to a shop.’
    • ‘But she thinks Express has the best return policy, because you can take an item back at any time if you have a receipt.’
    • ‘Even if the store claims ‘no returns,’ I would take it back along with a dramatic protest.’
    • ‘In internet auctions, if you are disappointed it is not like taking something back to a shop.’
    • ‘Our Ghost Ship DVD threw a wobbly half way through when we tried it last night, so we took it back to the shop today.’
    • ‘He was the one who took things back to the shop if we weren't pleased!’
    1. 2.1 (of a shop) accept goods returned as unsatisfactory.
      • ‘If he did not manage to sell it before or during his forthcoming journey to Flanders, he would return it to the dealer Fierens who was willing to take it back at cost, namely three hundred livres.’
      • ‘While the shop was willing to take the durables back, it has yet not replaced nor refunded the equipment.’
      accept back, give a refund for, exchange, trade, swap
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  • 3Printing
    Transfer text to the previous line.

    • ‘The mark surrounds the matter to be taken back and it also extends in to the margin.’