Definition of take someone out in English:

take someone out

phrasal verb

  • 1Escort someone to a social event or place of entertainment.

    ‘I took her out to dinner the following night’
    • ‘Swanson had repeatedly called Donna, bought her gifts, and taken her out on expensive dates - active steps that the court ruled lured her away from marital bliss and culminated in divorce.’
    • ‘So tell me, is this date better than anything Justin has taken you out on?’
    • ‘He asked me one time if I had taken you out on a date yet.’
    • ‘Nate had taken Mia out several times.’
    • ‘Brandon had taken her out on numerous dates, but it just didn't feel the same.’
    • ‘See, apparently I made the mistake in assuming that since I've taken Cat out almost every day this week, that would mean we were actually going out.’
    • ‘You did not have to come on the other dates I have taken you out on.’
    go out with, escort, partner, accompany, go with
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  • 2Bridge
    Respond to a bid or double by one's partner by bidding a different suit.

    ‘most players would take their partners out into 4♥ on these hands’
    • ‘A wonderful agreement is that if you take out partner's 3 NT to 4 of a previously bid minor, you are making a slam try in the minor, and if partner then bids 4 NT, this is negative, to play.’