Definition of take someone into one's confidence in English:

take someone into one's confidence


  • Tell someone one's secrets.

    ‘she took me into her confidence and told me about her problems’
    • ‘However, one practice is probably more effective than most in making employees feel included - taking them into your confidence.’
    • ‘I can tell by the way my manicurist - who is painting my nails sugar pink to match my lipstick - takes me into her confidence, that she adores my look.’
    • ‘When someone takes us into their confidence, we should regard their secret as a sacred trust.’
    • ‘I knew I'd have to take Annie into my confidence, but in only a week of knowing her I knew that she was perfectly trustworthy.’
    • ‘But she has added a layer: she takes us into her confidence.’
    • ‘Within a short period of time women and men were taking me into their confidence and I felt that I was truly a part of their community and lives.’
    • ‘Eventually they went to see their priest, and taking him into their confidence, they explained the situation.’
    • ‘After the first roar of welcome, he turns, limps towards us, and takes us into his confidence.’
    • ‘In a finely tuned campaign, the top several tiers of campaign operatives should be spending the bulk of their time on the phone or next to you on the seat taking you into their confidence.’
    • ‘Smaller and weaker he may be, but he still has the capacity to make a crowd feel he is taking them into his confidence.’