Definition of take someone's word (for it) in English:

take someone's word (for it)


  • Believe what someone says or writes without checking for oneself.

    ‘I'm afraid you'll just have to take our word for it’
    • ‘I didn't know whether to believe him, but I figured I would take his word for it since I had no proof that what he was saying was untrue.’
    • ‘If you look closely at the screen - you'll have to take our word for this, or check out the original picture here - you can see the following.’
    • ‘Anyway, we will take your word for it and believe you guys.’
    • ‘Don't take our word for it, check the Water Survey of Canada's factual database.’
    • ‘I had sent him a letter to say don't take my word for it - check with this list of other musicians.’
    • ‘Don't take my word for it, go to the site and check it out.’
    • ‘They also took the officer's word for what speed he was doing.’
    • ‘I'm just a guy writing about baseball on a website, so don't take my word for it.’
    • ‘All of these are clearly supported by Nicholas' report, but don't just take our word for that, check it against the full report.’
    • ‘Of course, there was no demonstration this time but they took the manufacturer 's word for it.’