Definition of take someone/something out in English:

take someone/something out

phrasal verb

  • Kill, destroy, or disable someone or something.

    • ‘‘I agree with you on principle,’ Brenner said, ‘but it's not worth sending a young man to kill himself to take O'Dell out.’’
    • ‘I don't see him getting hit, but I do see him bungling an order to take someone out, and getting himself killed.’
    • ‘Worst of all, if the agency concluded that she didn't intend to go through with the assassination, they would take her out.’
    • ‘A huge number of the group around Muqrin were taken out last night - killed or arrested.’
    • ‘And if somebody wants to take you out and creates an assassination contract on your head, then the hitman gets your picture to familiarize himself with the face he's to kill.’
    • ‘The fighters who tried to take him out, he killed with his speed by taking advantage of their mistakes and countering them off a miss.’
    • ‘You caused a big uproar a few weeks ago when you suggested the U.S. should just simply take him out, should simply kill him.’
    • ‘Nothing beats getting 10-15 kills before someone eventually takes me out!’
    • ‘No matter how safe a driver you are, you can be taken out by someone else's bad driving.’
    • ‘It is neither our intention nor in our interest to take him out or assassinate him.’
    kill, murder, assassinate, put to death, do away with, put an end to, get rid of, dispatch, execute, finish off, eliminate, exterminate, terminate
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