Definition of take ship in English:

take ship


  • Set off on a voyage by ship; embark.

    ‘they were due to take ship for Rhodes’
    • ‘You will then take ship at Krelik and sail down the Spear.’
    • ‘The army took ship on 5 April, but was struck by catastrophe.’
    • ‘The first battle was decisive, in so far as James immediately accepted that his own game was up, and took ship for France.’
    • ‘We took ship together to England, to visit the court in London.’
    • ‘Without the strong hand of the emperor, the German army began to break up: some returned to Europe, some took ship and sailed to Antioch, and some went overland to Antioch.’
    • ‘On 17 March 49 B.C., Pompey took ship for Macedonia.’
    • ‘These ambassadors took ship for Norway immediately after the court scene, on 2 November.’
    • ‘And when we had taken our leave one of another, we took ship; and they returned home again.’
    • ‘In 296, with Maximian guarding the Rhine, Constantius and his praetorian prefect, Asclepiodotus, took ship for Britain.’
    • ‘Early in 1406 events came to a head when James fled for safety to the Bass Rock, took ship for France, only to be captured at sea and delivered to Henry IV of England.’
    board ship, go on board, go aboard, climb aboard, step aboard, take ship
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