Definition of take part in English:

take part


  • Join in an activity; be involved.

    ‘we have come here to take part in a major game’
    ‘they ran away and took no part in the battle’
    • ‘She gets a lot of time to indulge in her hobbies like gardening and reading, goes for walk and takes part in many other activities.’
    • ‘Everybody who takes part will be entered in a draw for all sorts of prizes from a computer to a journey by hot air balloon.’
    • ‘My wife is not as good a judge, in my opinion, as she does not take part in sporting activities.’
    • ‘The firm has also pledged to raise money by taking part in events and activities throughout the year.’
    • ‘Youngsters at a Trowbridge church have been taking part in a season of seaside activities.’
    • ‘The youngsters were sponsored by their families and friends to take part in an activity.’
    • ‘Last year, thousands of children at hundreds of schools took part in all kinds of activities.’
    • ‘Schools taking part will enjoy activities designed to promote reading as a fun activity.’
    • ‘Jay insists that his son takes part in the same activities as every other kid in America: baseball, basketball and camp.’
    • ‘Thank you to everybody who contributed to and took part in the Menu for Hope.’
    participate, join in, get involved, enter, go in for something, throw oneself into something, share in something, play a part, play a role, be a participant, partake, contribute, be associated, associate oneself, have a hand, have something to do with something, be party to something, be a party to something, cooperate, help, assist, lend a hand
    participate in, engage in, enter into, join in, get involved in, go in for, throw oneself into, share in, play a part in, play a role in, be a participant in, partake in, contribute to, be associated with, associate oneself with, have a hand in, have something to do with, be party to, be a party to
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