Definition of take it out of in English:

take it out of


  • 1Exhaust the strength of (someone)

    ‘parties and tours can take it out of you, especially if you are over 65’
    • ‘I was traveling from the North West of the City to the East End by bus and I think that took it out of me a lot.’
    • ‘Driving constantly at such a high speed really takes it out of you.’
    • ‘Every so often we would try to get them to come out of their rooms, but they were exhausted - it really took it out of them.’
    • ‘But man, two and half hours of running around after a Frisbee will really take it out of you… and every joint and tendon.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly 4 hours of semi-sober sleep followed by 12 hours of work, followed by 6 hours of recovery sleep, followed by another 12 hours of work takes it out of you.’
    • ‘This week could be one that takes it out of me completely.’
    • ‘That really took it out of me; I felt exhausted afterwards.’
    • ‘DJ-ing for such long sets really takes it out of you and it's strenuous.’
    • ‘But there is no doubt that it takes it out of you when you're IT with a poorly toddler and a big ol' fat pregnant belly, a household still to run and so forth.’
    • ‘For our exhausted purposes ('cause holy man, this film really takes it out of you) I'm pretty sure two will do.’
    exhaust, drain, enervate, tire, fatigue, wear out, weary, debilitate, jade
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  • 2British Take reprisals against.

    • ‘Schools are doing their bit, and one of the several antics at Biddenham Upper School was an opportunity to take it out of four brave teachers - at 25p a go.’
    • ‘He took it out of Kuwait in 1991, and we made him spit it out.’