Definition of take it from me in English:

take it from me


  • I can assure you.

    ‘take it from me, kid—I've been there, done it, seen it all’
    • ‘If you get the impression that the book is poorly written, take it from me, it has nothing to do with my translation.’
    • ‘If you've never seen it, take it from me: it's no joke.’
    • ‘I think you can take it from me there is a warning out to all rabbits that they should not assume I will brake for them in the future.’
    • ‘However, take it from me, I would have felt a lot better having it available when I was going through the turmoil.’
    • ‘You can take it from me: Jack will not be happy about it.’
    • ‘But take it from me: He was everything you'd want a comedy writer to be.’
    • ‘Most do, but take it from me, there are some who don't.’
    • ‘Don't take it from me though - I'm just one person.’
    • ‘But take it from me, this film really is something special.’
    • ‘So take it from me, it's far better to talk about something early on, despite how difficult it may seem at the time, than to leave it to fester and allow it to do some real damage.’