Definition of take fright in English:

take fright


  • Suddenly become frightened or panicked.

    ‘the City took fright at escalating costs and marked the shares down’
    • ‘Suddenly his horse took fright, and he was carried with dreadful rapidity through the entangled forest.’
    • ‘If investors take fright, stocks could fall below their current levels, they said.’
    • ‘The horse drawing this vehicle also took fright and flung its driver and passenger into the road, injuring them both.’
    • ‘Imagine now that house prices carried on falling for the next six months and that consumers took fright.’
    • ‘Every time they scampered forward in the opening half hour, the hosts took fright, sporting that look which befalls turkeys each time the barn door is unlatched.’
    • ‘Horses can take fright easily, so adjust your driving as soon as you see horses on the road ahead of you.’
    • ‘When the alarm is given Sikes takes fright and escapes, and Oliver is shot and wounded.’
    • ‘The horses pulling the carriage suddenly took fright for no apparent reason, snapped the traces and bolted off, startling both the hosts and their guest of honour.’
    • ‘They took fright and would have tipped her body into the sea, had not Haiho stopped them.’
    • ‘But fortunately the vandals took fright and scampered away in a hurry.’
    be alarmed, be scared, be nervous, be afraid, overreact, become panic-stricken, take fright, be filled with fear, be terrified, be agitated, be hysterical, lose one's nerve, be perturbed, get overwrought, get worked up, fall to pieces, go to pieces, lose control, fall apart
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