Definition of take a hike in English:

take a hike


North American
  • [usually in imperative] Go away (used as an expression of irritation or annoyance).

    • ‘After years of mostly losing seasons with the Lions, the fun vanished from the game when Barry took a hike.’
    • ‘Okay, well why don't you call them and tell them to take a hike, and I'm going to go back to bed.’
    • ‘We'll look at a report that says the Baby Boom generation could save America's job market by taking a hike.’
    • ‘But if she doesn't like him at all, why not tell him to take a hike?’
    • ‘And while the sweet sensation takes a hike, the tongue remains as sensitive as always to salty and sour tastes.’
    • ‘The biggest danger is that big-city owners may say, we're taking a hike and the NHL as an entity just collapses.’
    • ‘At the end of its first season, Carmel had a salary dispute with Señor Arnaz and took a hike - or at least, that was the official story.’
    • ‘What are we waiting for to tell the bankers to take a hike and become financially autonomous?’
    • ‘I wanna tell her to take a hike, Jack, like that guy told my dad when we went to Canada that one summer.’
    • ‘‘I called once for registration and they told me to take a hike,’ she recalls.’
    go away, get out, leave
    be off with you!, shoo!, make yourself scarce!, on your way!
    beat it, push off, clear off, clear out, shove off, scram, scoot, skedaddle, buzz off
    hop it, sling your hook
    rack off
    bug off
    voetsak, hamba
    piss off, bugger off
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