Definition of take a beating in English:

take a beating


  • Suffer damage or hurt.

    ‘her pride had taken a beating at his hands’
    • ‘Although European markets held up, Asian markets took a beating.’
    • ‘The new camera took a beating but I haven't got things together enough to post anything yet.’
    • ‘Stock markets across the globe took a beating from concern that exports to the world's largest economy were still far from recovering.’
    • ‘Western barley futures at the Winnipeg Commodity Exchange also took a beating on the news.’
    • ‘Kelly took a beating from some youths for his trouble, as he stood between the injured soldier and the angry crowd.’
    • ‘Now in the news, just a day from now south Florida is expected to be taking a beating from Hurricane Wilma.’
    • ‘Around Christmas, when a quick browse could potentially turn in to a marathon online shopping expedition, the potential for abuse is clearly higher, with office productivity inevitably taking a beating.’
    • ‘The umbrella took a beating, but I was unscathed.’
    • ‘Viewers are watching today as the Florida Keys took a beating, while the victims of Katrina shook their heads in disbelief that Rita may also be coming their way.’
    • ‘If the team is not being beaten on the field, the board is taking a beating for the manner in which it is handling its affairs.’
    • ‘Some of those instant hand cleansers contain harsh ingredients and perfumes that can damage your skin, which is probably already taking a beating from cold, dry air.’
    • ‘The small landing craft bringing men and supplies from ship to shore took a beating from the shoals and rocks, with many suffering severe damage.’
    • ‘Marvel Comics, along with their competitors, was taking a beating financially, and to many, the world of comics had fallen into the dark ages.’
    • ‘Naturally, quality took a dip and the credentials of bands took a beating.’
    • ‘With each passing year, the safety record of the Indian Railways has been taking a beating.’
    • ‘The markets in parts of California and New England took a beating in the early 1990s.’
    • ‘By the close, the Footsie was off 175.7 points at 4274.0 as a host of sectors took a beating to send the index tumbling back from a seven-week high.’
    • ‘Private equity funds took a beating during the Internet bubble years of 2000-01, when a number of venture capitalists lost their shirts investing in start-ups.’
    • ‘In Mexico, the PRI has also took a beating when the political system was finally opened up following intense pressure from the people.’
    • ‘The euro took a beating on all sides on Thursday from German budget woes, a Dutch government collapse and a looming referendum on European Union expansion plans.’