Definition of take (or plead) the Fifth Amendment in English:

take (or plead) the Fifth Amendment


  • (in the US) exercise the right, guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution, of refusing to answer questions in order to avoid incriminating oneself.

    ‘he took the Fifth Amendment when questioned about the apparently flawed bankruptcy filing’
    • ‘During the trial, she refused to testify about the welfare matter, pleading the Fifth Amendment.’
    • ‘He's showing up, apparently no immunity was granted, he is not taking the Fifth Amendment.’
    • ‘I don't know if he testified or he took the Fifth Amendment.’
    • ‘Her lawyers said she would take the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination if the panel subpoenaed her.’
    • ‘The Army dentist took the Fifth Amendment multiple times in connection with his affiliation with the Communist Party.’
    • ‘I was asked seven questions to which I also pleaded the Fifth Amendment.’
    • ‘He pleaded the Fifth Amendment and was sentenced to six months in jail.’
    • ‘When he announced he would take the Fifth Amendment if grilled by defense attorneys on the new allegations, prosecutors dropped him from the witness list.’
    • ‘He said through his attorney that he would plead the Fifth Amendment if subpoenaed.’
    • ‘Then he was asked, are you taking the Fifth Amendment?’