Definition of take (or get) a pounding in English:

take (or get) a pounding


  • Be repeatedly hit or attacked.

    ‘the town took a hell of a pounding from the Luftwaffe’
    figurative ‘shares took a pounding this month’
    • ‘Russia's stock market has taken a pounding.’
    • ‘He turns 32 next month, and his body has taken a pounding because of his physical running style.’
    • ‘Instead of commenting on the issue, his image took a pounding and he was eventually looked at as a religious freak following a cult.’
    • ‘The Northeast is where we start, because the Northeast is taking a pounding from that late winter storm.’
    • ‘As the storm passed through our area, these heavy winds took a pounding on the Atlantic coast.’
    • ‘Bombs fall on the long and rugged northern front, while targets in and around the city of Mosul continue to take a pounding.’
    • ‘By your third or fourth at-bat, your hand has taken a pounding.’
    • ‘The floorboards in the hall must be taking a pounding!’
    • ‘Most of the major buildings have taken a pounding.’
    • ‘Fears about the health of the global economy gripped the market with hi-tech and telecom stocks again taking a pounding.’