Definition of take (or draw) someone to/on one side in English:

take (or draw) someone to/on one side


  • Speak to someone in private, especially so as to advise or warn them about something.

    ‘the coach is always taking me to one side, telling me what I should and shouldn't do’
    • ‘My father took me to one side and told me I had to save the family honour.’
    • ‘On the basis that real friends should point out the error of their ways to save their friends from trouble, Bertie should take George to one side and tell him.’
    • ‘He quickly took Tania to one side and spoke to her.’
    • ‘When you were in a bad mood he would take you to one side and help make a joke out of it.’
    • ‘They took me to one side, sat me down and said it was cancer, but it was treatable.’
    • ‘As midnight struck, Eddie took Tracey to one side and slipped the ring they had chosen together on to her finger.’
    • ‘However members of staff did take her to one side and request she get rid of the red streaks.’
    • ‘He respects my age and quite often takes me to one side and speaks to me about players.’
    • ‘It was as though he had been taken to one side and told to keep his mouth shut.’
    • ‘Before they embarrass themselves further, take them to one side and explain.’