Definition of takable in English:


(also takeable)


  • See take

    • ‘Fishing on Carra this week was described as poor to average, with only 4 takeable trout reported by 7 anglers in 9 rod-days.’
    • ‘And this first step into objective time is taken with the hope that its results would not be overthrown by more advanced steps not yet taken, or perhaps not even takable by us.’
    • ‘So I spent a few hours pixel-picking - revisiting everywhere I could, scrolling my mouse over everything that looked like it might be takeable.’
    • ‘Afzaal put down a takeable chance also but far more impressive was the blaze-away attitude of the visitors.’
    • ‘Milan may be steeped in Champions League experience but in both encounters with the Dutch side they looked ordinary and takeable.’