Definition of taka in English:



  • The basic monetary unit of Bangladesh, equal to 100 poisha.

    • ‘One tree can fetch 300 Bangladeshi taka in a country where many families survive on just 100 taka a day.’
    • ‘The incomes they earn are small - Farida sells her candles for four taka a packet - but it can be enough to make a drastic difference, securing homes that they might otherwise be evicted from and offering hope of expansion in the future.’
    • ‘Bangladesh has spent about 500 billion taka (8.43 billion dollars) in efforts to stop erosion over the past three decades.’
    • ‘With a loan from Yunus of 50 taka (a few dollars), it took Sophia only a few months to establish her own little business, increase her income seven fold, and repay the loan.’
    • ‘The Dhaka-based Bengali film industry churns out more than 100 low-budget movies a year at an average cost of 6.5 million taka each.’
    • ‘The phones are registered only in the name of women but they are also operated by their husbands and sons and shared out in the village at a few taka per call.’
    • ‘Authorities have already distributed 8,600 tonnes of rice and 13.68 million taka in cash to flood victims.’
    • ‘After that I took a loan of 5000 taka to buy a rickshaw.’
    • ‘In Bangladesh, the government has just imposed a tax of 900 taka on all new connections, in addition to an import duty of 300 taka levied on all imported handsets.’
    • ‘We were vagabonds but now we have land, a home and we earn around at least 6,000 taka a month.’
    • ‘Under the system, borrowers with perfect repayment records of income-generating loans, which must be repaid in a year, become eligible for housing loans of up to 25,000 taka.’


From Bengali ṭākā.