Definition of tailor's chalk in English:

tailor's chalk


mass noun
  • Hard chalk or soapstone used in tailoring and dressmaking for marking fabric.

    • ‘Another alternative to tailor's chalk or pencils is the water soluble marking pen.’
    • ‘This wheel is used for marking seam lines where tailor's chalk is not advisable or appropriate.’
    • ‘You can buy an inexpensive plastic holder for tailor's chalk with a built-in sharpener - your authors find this useful.’
    • ‘Trace the design and transfer it to the front and back of the legs of your chosen jeans using tailor's chalk.’
    • ‘You can also use tailor's chalk to chalk a line along the pattern edge where the pins are, but be sure to use a ruler.’
    • ‘But by the end of the first week, her skin and eyes were itchy from the fabric dust and tailor's chalk.’
    • ‘She had some training in pattern making, but her experience and artistic ability - she had won a scholarship to art school, but did not take it - led her to work freehand with her tailor's chalk directly on the material.’
    • ‘Our products include ordinary chalk for school, high grade no-dust chalk, sidewalk chalk, marking chalk, tailor's chalk and so on.’
    • ‘Once dry, use tailor's chalk to mark a circle for the opening and cut.’
    • ‘Place hanger, as shown, on the pocket and mark directly along the upper edge of the the hanger with tailor's chalk.’
    • ‘Triangular shaped tailor's chalk is perfect for marking around templates or for marking quilting lines.’
    • ‘Trace the design on the fabric using tailor's chalk and cardboard pattern and cut out appliqués leaving about ¼ inch of extra cloth from the outline for seam allowance and border.’
    • ‘The chalk carriage preferably includes tailor's chalk mounted in the chalk carriage for marking the garment.’
    • ‘Mark an outline with tailor's chalk, allowing an extra 2’.’