Definition of tail feather in English:

tail feather


  • A strong flight feather of a bird's tail.

    • ‘With a three-foot wingspan and two long, streaming tail feathers, these birds are easy to recognize.’
    • ‘We calculated asymmetry in tail length as the difference between the longest left tail feather and the longest right tail feather.’
    • ‘We assessed the age of birds based on the shape of their outer tail feathers.’
    • ‘If a similar male had both a green streak in the head and a curly tail feather, it was counted as a hybrid.’
    • ‘Of the many sexually selected male traits now recognized, some of the classic examples most often cited are the elongated tail feathers of a number of bird species.’
    • ‘The male's body plumage is glossy black, and the wings and tail feathers are white.’
    • ‘In an interesting adaptation for clinging to branches, the birds' stiff tail feathers act as additional support when they stand vertically on branches, two toes forward, two back.’
    • ‘Most birds have two types of tail feather: flight feathers and tail-coverts.’
    • ‘One of the most distinctive sounds of Wilson's Snipe is a winnowing sound made by air rushing through its stiff outer tail feathers as it dives from high in its display flight.’
    • ‘Boldly dressed in black, brown, and white, males boast long, sharp tail feathers and dazzling display plumage.’
    • ‘Each gauge was firmly tied to the base of a single tail feather with a thread (dental floss).’
    • ‘This feather was identified as a tail feather from the yellow-shafted race of this species, which generally ranges from central Alaska south to Montana.’
    • ‘We equipped the adults of study nests with one small magnet, attached to a tail feather with cloth-backed adhesive tape.’
    • ‘The tip of a tail feather was cut from each bird to avoid resampling in the same period.’
    • ‘Their white outer tail feathers are conspicuous in flight.’
    • ‘It has been suggested that this decline in territorial aggression may be because large flight and tail feathers were growing at this time and would be easily damaged in a fight.’
    • ‘We then averaged measurements from the right and left tail feather for both original and induced feathers.’
    • ‘The white extends out the wings, but the primaries, secondaries, and tail feathers are mottled black-and-white.’
    • ‘Protobirds such as Confuciusornis had the same kind of feathers as modern birds; some specimens even display long tail feathers reminiscent of tropic birds and birds of paradise.’
    • ‘However, the outer tail feather is approximately 12 mm longer than the aerodynamic optimum for maneuvering flight.’
    hindmost part, back end, appendage
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