Definition of tail back in English:

tail back

phrasal verb

  • (of traffic) become congested and form a tailback.

    ‘traffic tailed back fourteen miles after a chemical spillage’
    • ‘Police attending a separate incident nearby arrived on the scene within minutes, and busy rush-hour traffic was soon tailing back as far back as Monks Cross.’
    • ‘However, the traffic problems which hit the first day, when vehicles tailed back seven miles along the A64 to Tadcaster, were not repeated yesterday.’
    • ‘When I returned for my car, it was difficult to get onto the A19 again because traffic tailed back from the ring road roundabout.’
    • ‘The three-month trial is due to end later this month and has been blamed for the dramatic rise in traffic along Roehampton Lane, which can see cars tail back along the route for several miles during rush hour.’
    • ‘One lane of the eastbound carriageway was closed while firefighters tackled the blaze, and traffic tailed back on to the nearby A19 Fulford Road.’
    • ‘In the last march we stopped the traffic for a minute and it tailed back for a mile to Trowbridge Road.’
    • ‘Over 10,000 visitors from Chonburi and neighboring provinces flocked to the zoo, causing a headache for traffic police as the traffic tailed back.’
    • ‘By 9am problems hit Hadleigh and traffic tailed back along the A127 to Southend as motorists tried to get off the A13.’
    • ‘Traffic tailed back along a main route into York after a huge crane got stuck at a busy junction today.’
    • ‘Motorists faced delays of over an hour with traffic tailing back as far as junction 34 at Lancaster.’
    • ‘Queues rapidly built up in Station Road and Leeman Road, and traffic tailed back across Lendal Bridge after the crash, which took place at about 3.30 pm yesterday.’
    • ‘Morning and evening traffic has tailed back from the roundabout since the lights were switched in a three week experiment to try to improve traffic flow.’
    • ‘Traffic was tailed back to Portlaoise on Friday evening, at the height of the rush hour, after a two-car pile up at the junction.’
    • ‘The accident closed one lane of the westbound carriageway, which led to inevitable delays with traffic tailing back to junction two of the M27.’
    • ‘Within half an hour traffic tailed back 10 miles as far back as the West Yorkshire border.’
    • ‘The smash caused traffic chaos on a busy Saturday afternoon, with shoppers travelling to the nearby Lakeside shopping centre facing long delays with traffic tailing back along the M25 to the A127 junction.’
    • ‘Traffic can tail back as far as the Shrimp roundabout in Morecambe while in Lancaster it can even reach the Pointer roundabout.’
    • ‘Cameras showed that during the day traffic was tailing back to the A35 Redbridge flyover and several hundred metres along the M271.’
    • ‘I waited for several minutes in Woodlands Grove to see if there was any sign of traffic tailing back from the Stockton Lane or Malton Road junction.’
    become congested, form a tailback, jam
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