Definition of taiaha in English:



  • A long-handled wooden Maori weapon.

    ‘on the horse is a warrior in a cloak carrying a taiaha’
    ‘the participants use taiaha with a great flourish’
    • ‘When near the house, Ben struck him with his taiaha behind the head.’
    • ‘He is training the first-born boys of the tribe in the traditional chants and skills of Maori warriors, especially the use of the taiaha.’
    • ‘Two taiaha span the top edge of the painting, while the rest is bordered with red and black koru.’
    • ‘Encouraged by her grandmother and aided by her uncle, she begins to practice the use of the taiaha in secret, and she becomes adept in its use.’
    • ‘A quick poll revealed that the embattled veteran, featuring a sword, taiaha, crown, and lion is more than adequate to represent the army's brand frontage.’
    • ‘She says her great-grandfather was trained to fight with a taiaha, so when the attacker advanced, he reacted instinctively.’
    • ‘As soon as they got to the bend, I saw him strike one of the Europeans with his taiaha.’
    • ‘He dispatches enemies with a sword, a battleaxe, or a spear-like native weapon called a taiaha.’
    • ‘In a video, he presents the museum's collection of taiaha.’
    • ‘He was struck in the face with a tomahawk, the force so great it broke the weapon's handle, before receiving several blows from the taiaha.’


Mid 19th century: Maori.