Definition of tagmemics in English:


plural noun

  • treated as singular A mode of linguistic analysis based on identifying the function of each grammatical position in the sentence or phrase and the class of words by which it can be filled.

    • ‘The most intriguing application of tagmemics to a composition course is the implementation of it as an entry point for understanding a text.’
    • ‘Tagmemics recognizes that two viewers will see a linguistic unit or a behavioral event differently, according to their individual backgrounds.’
    • ‘The different types of prewriting that we will explore here are freewriting, brainstorming, clustering, tagmemics, and journalistic technique.’
    • ‘In the view of tagmemics, any linguistic data can be viewed in one of three ways: statically, dynamically, or relationally (sometimes called after physics: particle, wave, or field).’
    • ‘A million (it seems!) years ago when I was teaching Freshman Comp, one of the ‘invention’ processes I taught my students was something that in those days was stuffily called tagmemics and now is much more accessibly referred to as particle-wave-field.’