Definition of taeniodont in English:



  • A primitive fossil herbivorous mammal from the Palaeocene and Eocene of North America, with deep powerful jaws and short stout limbs.

    Suborder Taeniodonta, order Cimolesta

    • ‘At least some members of the following groups developed hypsodont dentitions during the Late Eocene: taeniodonts, leporids, castorids, eomyids, rhinocerotids, hypertragulids, oromerycids, and ‘oreodonts’.’
    • ‘Besides viverravids, the collection includes oxyclaenids, arctocyonids, triisodontids, pantolestids, taeniodonts, phenacodontids, mioclaenids, pentacodontids, periptychids, proprimates, and a multituberculate.’
    • ‘It is a stylinodontine taeniodont which was discovered by two people who had just stopped on the side of the road.’
    • ‘The teeth of a tingamarroid are quite strange, with large, flattened incisors, totally absent canines, and a set of deep-rooted, ever-growing molars most similar to those of the extinct taeniodonts.’
    • ‘In their preferred upland habitat, taeniodonts could have been much more common than the fossil record reflects.’


1930s: from modern Latin Taeniodontia (order name), from Greek tainia ‘band, ribbon’ + odous, odont- ‘tooth’.