Definition of tactically in English:



  • 1In a way that relates to actions carefully planned to gain a specific end.

    ‘the community remained firm and the government tactically retreated’
    sentence adverb ‘tactically speaking, it was a bad move’
    • ‘Tactically speaking, I think we blundered early on and never really recovered.’
    • ‘While direct marketing may be used tactically, it must be a part of a brand's longer-term marketing plan.’
    • ‘Traditionally, sales promotions have been used tactically to encourage brand switching.’
    • ‘To win, you have to think in terms of odds and chances at victory, which makes you think tactically.’
    • ‘Tactically speaking, it is almost always better to have more centers than fewer.’
    • ‘In exposing weak or faulty paths, the opportunity to operate tactically at the expense of competitors becomes apparent.’
    • ‘Tactically he's very strong and he sees the situation not only before the match but during it.’
    • ‘Looking over your games will help you see your weaknesses and will help you improve tactically.’
    • ‘Price promotion could certainly help tactically in the short term.’
    • ‘Many designers don't think tactically about their decisions.’
    1. 1.1 In a way that relates to military tactics.
      ‘every aspect of the training must be tactically oriented’
      ‘the operation was commanded tactically by a British Army officer’
      • ‘Tactically, the army in the field is continuing its remarkable demonstration of professional competence.’
      • ‘The invention achieved the objective - to make a nuclear weapon that was tactically useful.’
      • ‘The operation, commanded tactically by a British army officer, was divided into two.’
      • ‘The need for a tactically oriented air force, capable of attacking enemy front lines, was still there.’
      • ‘He went further and occupied tactically important places inside the country.’
  • 2British With the aim of preventing the strongest candidate from winning by supporting the next strongest, without regard to one's true political allegiance.

    ‘Labour supporters voted tactically to keep out the Tory’
    • ‘If I was American, I'd tactically vote for the Democrats.’
    • ‘There has been a move in this area to vote tactically for the Tories.’
    • ‘Thursday is polling day and I urge you not only to vote, but to vote tactically.’
    • ‘His call only worked because a lot of people saw the sense in voting tactically.’
    • ‘Labour's huge majorities owe much to a decision by electors to vote tactically.’